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Top 3 Coco Products Exporting States in India

Coconut production in India is an evergreen promising business idea for farmers in India. This is because coconut plays a vital role in the Indian economy, which is generally grown in tropical areas. Moreover, India is the largest producer of coconut, following Indonesia and the Philippines.

Apart from using copra and coconut oil on a large scale, it also aids in manufacturing soaps, medicines, cosmetics, hair oils and other industrial products. That is one of the primary reasons why Indian coconut has the highest demand for exporting; it is one of the best and richest sources of coconut type.

Moreover, coconut has numerous uses and health benefits, which have been followed up in India. Because of its benefits, usage, and climate, India stays at the top of exporting fresh dry coconut because of its increasing demand in the market.

Coconut farming can continue yielding fruit for as long as 80 years, which extensively boosts the farmer’s profit in India. Here are the 5 tips for choosing the best basmati rice exporter in 2023, read here and know.

Okay, it’s time to learn about India’s top coconut-producing & exporting states India.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu - SRS Bharath Exim

Tamil Nadu accounts for an average share of 31% of total coconut production in India. For this reason, the state has almost the longest hectares of land for coconut production.

Tamil Nadu records an average output of 7 billion coconuts. And the state has an average of 4.3 lakh hectares of land for cultivation. Furthermore, an efficient tractor can help to improve coconut farming on this vast land.

Because of its climatic format, Tamil Nadu stays in India’s topmost coconut-producing and exporting state, with the highest benefits of its taste, fragrance, and more


Kerala - SRS Bharath Exim

Overall, Kerala contains one of the most tropical soil types, producing resourceful coconuts in all parts of Kerala.

Districts like Kochi, Kozhikode, Kollam, etc., have the best range of soil types to withhold coconut trees firmly.

Kerala alone contributes to India’s coconuts production by up to 45%, and farmers use a proper tractor to achieve this goal. In addition, Kerala has fertile, sandy soil ideal for growing coconut trees.



Karnataka - SRS Bharath Exim

Karnataka accounts for an average of 23% of coconut production in India. For this reason, almost most of the hectares of land in Karnataka are dedicated to coconut production in India.

In addition, the state experienced coconut production of larger tonnes of coconut in recent years. As a result, the state achieved the country’s largest market share of coconuts in the richest form.

Coconut cultivation is practised in the popular districts of Karnataka. However, out of all, a few districts like Tumkur possess the highest area for coconut production

Coconut Farming In India

India holds the major exporting part of coconut worldwide, in that it takes special care and nurture needs to grow the coconut trees.



The planting part must be done very keenly to reach the growth part along with the enriching sources of products from coconut. Filling up the pits with topsoil and cow dung compost for at least one month before planting the plants. Make a small pit inside the main pit accurately after planting the seedlings and filling the soil.


It’s imperative to take proper care of the coconut trees to produce the best sources of coconut with its own healthy contents.

 Processes include,

 ✅ Fertilising

✅ Watering 

✅ Weeding

✅ Mulching 


Climate Requirement 

India is best known for its perfect climatic condition for growing coconut trees, it needs humidity to grow them larger and more significantly, and India is known for its condition.

Coconut trees can tolerate the highest rainfall and many other disturbances, which is why coconut exporting is so popular in India.


Closure Thoughts

The benefits of coconuts are higher, and the export rate in India is higher too. These are the uses, benefits, common steps and ways for the success of the coconut exporting business in India. 

 Read the above content and know the importance of coconut in India’s economy by exporting them worldwide. 

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