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Do you want distinctive products from other countries which are not here?

The big answer is Yes! This is because exporting and importing are vital solutions to the needs and demands of certain products. For example, agricultural products from India to various countries, Crude oil from UAE to other countries, etc. Merchant Export is the most common word used widely for trading in multiple parts of the world.

This is the main procedure for importing and exporting goods, which involves trading the products from one country to another.

The advantage of being a merchant exporter is that they can build a friendly relationship between one country and another by exchanging particular products from their respective countries.

Let’s briefly discuss the merchant exporters and their role.

A brief about Merchant export

The term “merchant export” is commonly used for exporting and importing things from one country to another with good quality and should be delivered on time. The only difference between manufacturing and merchant exporting is that the merchant exporting needs its manufacturing units and processing facilities.

Instead, they have a direct tie-up with the manufacturing companies and get the bulk orders and process to export to various places worldwide—the person engaging in this trading activity and importing and exporting goods.

What are the roles of the Merchant Exporter?

To become a well-professional merchant exporters , they should generally have a marketing strategy to acquire market information and keep updated on market developments.

1.Finding the products which are to be exported

Merchant exporters play a vital role in the products in higher demand in the international markets and other countries. Research on the markets for these products is to be examined and identified for the quality and quantity of the ordered products.

2. Product concerns from the manufacturers

The products are not manufactured by themselves, so they must be collaborated or associated with the corresponding manufacturers. So, Merchant exporters should be responsible for improving the quality of products so that they will be exported to other countries by meeting those countries’ standards and norms.

3. Building a good relationship between buyers and producers

Merchant Exporter - Customer Relationships

The primary role of the Merchant exporter is to build an efficient relationship between the buyers and the producers, especially from the international market. This relationship will make the producers and buyers from every country ensure the smooth exchange of goods with each other.

4. Managing the Risks

None of the companies and roles do not have any risks. Likewise, merchant exporters have their chances. As this trade involves an international level of exchanging goods, there will be more risks. These risks involved are currency exchange, political factors, changes in regulatory norms, and instability in supplying and demanding products. By considering all these risks, the merchant exporters have to manage.

5. Master of all the strategies

Merchant exporters should be kept updated about the marketing strategies of the trading products at the international level. They should know about every country’s norms, rules, regulations and procedures. So that the marketing to the various countries can be analysed and the products can be sold accordingly.

6. Provide sales opportunities

The merchant exporters not only trade the goods and products to the international markets but also create sales opportunities as this market is very high. Also, they will frequently arrange potential buyers worldwide to make their trading job easier. Another advantage of setting these buyers is that the goods will be quickly sold with proper analysis and detail.

7. Processing the documentation

Many documentation formalities exist as the respective products are sold overseas, such as regulatory requirements for buyers and sellers. They export the paperwork, including invoices, warranty bills, origin certificates, packing lists and other customs-related documents. The merchant exporters should carefully send those documents and the products being exported.

8. Promoting the products

How do you bring the customers’ attention to the products? Yes, the way is promoting. So, merchant exporters should promote their products in foreign markets. The products will be reached by attending the trade shows, using digital marketing strategies, and building reliable distribution networks, so more leads will be generated to enquire about the products. They also promote the product via social media to get more reach to the people, which will be another way to promote the products.

This is how to gain more customers and get the products to maximum reach.

9. Providing supports and claims

Providing aftermarket support in foreign countries will be challenging as they have different norms and support for the products imported from another country with other standards. As merchant exporters, they should provide the support accordingly so that the customers will be satisfied with the aftermarket support.

10. Lesser tax prices

The most beneficial thing for the products exported through the merchant exporters is the costs of export entry, and the import entry of the products will be less compared to the other ways of export entry. The merchant exports will follow specific rules and have some norms, and the costs will be much lower.

Benefits of having Merchant Exporters

  • The merchant exporters have all the responsibilities to take care of all the things involved in all risks of sales and credits.
  • The products will have aftermarket support, no matter where they are.
  • The trading firm does not need to establish branches for marketing research.
  • The products will have some policies, insurance coverages, etc. The merchant exporters will have the proper coverage, accept the claims, and support the products as they have contacts with the authorised service centres.
  • The status of the products will be tracked easily by entering the identification number. Only the products exported through the merchant exporters can be easily identified and know the expected arrival date.
  • As the exporters know the exchange rates when trading internationally, the products will be obtained for the best and most affordable price. Also, the customers will get rid of fraudulent things that may happen.
  • The merchant exporters take steps to consider the precautions of currency exchange fluctuations, as the currency exchange is dynamic. Thus it will be easier to make or receive the payments hassle-free.
  • The merchant exporters will build a strong and sound relationship with the respective manufacturers.
  • Hence, this relationship will bring trust between the exporters and manufacturers.
  • The exporters will execute the plan in an exact flow chart and maintain a proper and efficient supply chain system to make timely delivery possible by tracking the respective product appropriately to the delivery countries.

Let’s have a small recap

  • Merchant exporting involves the process of trading products from one country to another country.
  • The advantage of merchant exporters is that they can build a friendly relationship between one country and another by exchanging specific products from their respective countries.
  • They should provide aftermarket support accordingly so that the customers will be satisfied and should carefully send formalities, coverages, and warranty documents of the products being exported.
  • The products exported through the merchant exporters are the export entry costs, and the import entry of the products will be lesser.

End words

So, what are you looking for? Your products are safe in our hands until it reaches the destination country. Through merchant exporter, goods and commodities are exported to the respective destination countries worldwide. They should ensure they will provide quality products with proper prices and on-time delivery.

SRS Bharath Exim provides dedicated technical team support to know about the product’s status and aftermarket support wherever the product is. We are exporting indigenous products to various parts of the world and creating a bridge between the client countries.

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