The Health Benefits of Cavendish Bananas: Why You Should Choose SRS Bharath Exim

Cavendish banana comes from the family called ‘’ Musa Acuminata’’, which holds southeastern Asia as its native. Compared to other types, cavendish is the popular variant produced and exported to many countries.

The most widely consumed variety of bananas contains a box full of nutrients for people likely to consume daily. Countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Ecuador are known as the top exporter and producers of cavendish bananas.

Cavendish banana is known for its smooth texture and sweet flavour, which makes it likely even among banana haters.

As an exporter of cavendish bananas, SRS Bharath Exim is known for its supremacy in the global market. Our banana type created a demand in the market for its organic feel and traditional taste.

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Let’s proceed further with the health benefits of Cavendish from SRS!

Health Benefits Of Having SRS Bharath’s Cavendish Banana

Contains Natural Form Of Folic Acid

Folic acid, or Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, is one of the essential vitamins that every human body needs, especially for women. Folic acid commonly comes under the necessary part of the 13 vital vitamins in the human body. A medium size banana contains 23.6 mcg of folate in them.

Our cavendish banana provides an influential set of folic acids and distributes their goodness of them equally to our bodies. By consuming our banana, you can attract the following goodness;

-It helps to grow cells, divides and works properly
-Produces certain forms of protein
-Mature red blood cells equal to all the areas of our body parts

Facts: Did you know banana is classified as a berry

Calms Down Blood pressure

It is not easy to control blood pressure, but with proper and healthy food, the rise of BP could get controlled. Cavendish bananas from our range produce maximum benefits to maintain blood pressure; here’s how;

SRS Bharath Exim

Control high blood pressure by including cavendish bananas in the diet to visible results in a few days. Take two bananas daily to improve and control the cause of your blood pressure and control it, but avoid consuming them at night due to the digestion issue.
Facts: Banana is the perfect pre-workout meal to maintain the muscles and nerves during workouts.

Lower the risk of diabetes

It’s common knowledge that bananas are the front-row enemy for diabetes patients. Because of the high presence of natural sugar, it is entirely avoidable for them. But diabetes patients can have cavendish banana without thinking twice; here’s why;

-The lower presence of sugar
-Controls diabetes on a level
-It is simple and easy for the body to intake

Even type 2 diabetes-affected people can consume cavendish bananas from SRS without interruptions.

Facts: Banana

No more bowel problems

Are you struggling with bowel problems for a long time?

It’s a sign for you to consume SRS cavendish bananas daily. It simultaneously clears out the intestine and stomach-related problems and makes bowel movement easier.

The main advantage of the cavendish banana is by having many healing properties, which are simple and effective.

Your natural source of energy

When a food variant contains maximum carbs, it can produce heavy energy. For example, 100 gms of cavendish banana contains 99 kcal, which helps the body achieve the metabolism phase to process it for the day.

Even though the Cavendish banana does not feel big, it can still be consumed when there is a deficiency of calories in the meal platter or when you feel hungry. SRS sources energy-rich cavendish bananas annually to fill consumers’ satisfaction worldwide.

As leading cavendish banana exporters, we know how much energy is needed to fulfil the ultimate satisfaction goal.

Perfect healthy snack

It is widespread that even after breakfast, we tend to feel hunger somewhere in the stomach area. To sate the craving, try to consume healthy and energetic cavendish bananas.

We focus on picking the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients rich cavendish bananas that are specifically made to perfection.

They are perfect for making thick smoothies and are the primary ingredient in various culinary dishes. Therefore, we have given the significant global demand for fresh Cavendish bananas to meet high-quality standards.

How did the SRS banana attain the goal of the healthy aspect of consumption?

  • Maintains its original form and colour by not adding any chemicals
  • The packaging made it to the perfect length to avoid the damage
  • It touches the calibration period up to 38 to 45 days
  • Each banana attains the age of 11 to 12 weeks

How does the SRS cavendish banana get its solid, healthy taste?

  • We are dedicated to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction
  • Our range of bananas is grown in the perfect climatic conditions, surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats
  • We cultivate our bananas using the most suitable farming practices and cutting-edge technology.
  • Our farm is one of India’s largest Cavendish cultivation areas, utilizing 100% drip irrigation to ensure minimum water usage for conserving precious resources.
  • All our farming practices are in line with global standards

Bottom Line

The effect of cavendish banana on your health makes significant changes and works as a whole meal for many. Therefore, the usage of cavendish bananas in the dishes rates is higher, and as a merchant exporter of cavendish bananas, we, SRS Bharath Exim proud to produce quality products.

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