Non Basmati Rice

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Non Basmati Rice

Non basmati rice from SRS is of superior quality and removes impurities. We are the leading non basmati rice exporters in India supplying products with a strong taste and mild aroma in different sizes, long, slender, short, and thick; some may look round. 

Our rice bags come in various packing processes such as poly pack, jute bag, cotton bag, paper bag and non-woven fabric bag in different sizes like 50 kg, 45 kg, 40 kg, 30 kg, 25 kg, 20 kg, 10 kg and 5 kg and also as per buyer customizations.

We also supply parboiled rice, which has a brown grain that is less brittle. The people of West Africa primarily consume this type of rice.

Non-basmati rice is a type of rice that is not classified as basmati rice. While it may not have the unique fragrance and flavor of basmati rice, non-basmati rice is still a popular and versatile ingredient.

As one of the top non-basmati rice exporters and manufacturers in India, we take pride in offering the best quality non-basmati rice products to our customers. Our non-basmati rice is carefully selected, processed, and packed to ensure you get the highest quality product every time.

We offer a wide range of non-basmati varieties, including parboiled, raw, and boiled rice, to meet your every need. Our rice is also available in different sizes and packaging options, making it easy to find the perfect solution for your business.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our rice is processed to perfection. Our team of experts works tirelessly to maintain the highest quality and hygiene standards, ensuring that our rice is safe and healthy for consumption.

As a leading non-basmati rice exporter and manufacturer in India, we are committed to delivering the best quality products at competitive prices. Our extensive distribution network enables us to export rice products to various countries.

Benefits of Non Basmati Rice : 

  • Widely Available: Non-basmati rice is widely available and affordable, making it accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Versatility: Non-basmati rice is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a dishes.
  • Rich in Carbohydrates: Non-basmati rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, which provides the body with energy and helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • High-Calorie Content: Non-basmati rice has a high-calorie content, making it ideal for individuals seeking weight gain.
  • Easy to Digest: Non-basmati rice is easy to digest and is an excellent choice for people with digestive problems.
  • Gluten-Free: Non-basmati rice is naturally gluten-free, making it an ideal choice for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • Iron-rich: Non-basmati rice is a good source of iron, which is essential for maintaining healthy blood cells and preventing anemia.

Crop year

One year old


5% (incl. 2/3 base)

Damage + peck grains


Whole black/kg


Paddy grains /kg


Minimum Order Quantity

25 MT (1 x 20 ft container)

Max Moisture




Half black/kg

2 grains max


27 minimum


Within 10 days from the receipt of confirmed payment instruments.

Supply Ability

100 Containers per month


5, 10, 20, 25, 50 kg PP bag / Non woven bag

We export the following types of parboiled rice

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Tanjore Ponni

 Sona Masuri - Raw / Steam

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Long Grain Rice

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Idly Rice - Kranthi - kundu

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Gr 11

Non Basmati Rice Exporter in india

Ir 64

Specifications of Non Basmati Rice

Parameter Value Value Value
Average Length 6.50 mm 6.70 mm 6.20 mm
Moisture 12% max 12% max 12% max
Broken 4 % max 4 % max 4 % max
Damage / Discolor 0.5 % max 0.5 % max 0.5 % max
Loadability per 20′ FCL 25 MT 25 MT 25 MT
Chalky Grain in Raw 4 % max 4 % max 4 % max
Chalky Grain in Parboiled & Steam NIL NIL NIL
Foreign Matter 0.10 % max 0.10 % max 0.10 % max
Availability Types Raw/White, Parboiled Raw/White, Parboiled Raw/White, Parboiled
Packaging Jute bag, PP bag, Non woven bag or as per buyers choice. Jute bag, PP bag, Non woven bag or as per buyers choice. Jute bag, PP bag, Non woven bag or as per buyers choice.

Payment Terms

40% Advance, 60% against BL Scan Copy


100% Irrevocable LC at sight from any International standardized bank.

Half Cut Copra Exporter


The main differences between basmati rice and non-basmati rice are the grain length, aroma, and flavour, with basmati rice having longer, slender grains and a distinct nutty aroma and flavour, while non-basmati rice can have a shorter or broader grain with varying textures and flavours.
Basmati rice is a good source of carbohydrates and essential nutrients like thiamin and niacin. Its low glycemic index makes it a healthier choice for people with diabetes.
Tanjore Ponni, Sona Masuri, Long Grain Rice and many more

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