SRS Bharath Exim is a leading exporter of fresh coconuts in India. Our product line includes fresh, semi-husked coconuts rich in coconut water and easy to break. Our coconuts are fully mature and have a light brown color. We take great care in packing our coconuts to ensure they remain fresh and intact during transportation.

Aside from their delicious taste, our coconuts also provide numerous health benefits. They are high in protein and have been shown to help eliminate intestinal parasites. Additionally, they are good for individuals with kidney and urinary bladder problems.

Our products have been supplying them to clients worldwide for many years. Our coconuts are sourced directly from farms and are grown using organic methods. 

At SRS Bharath Exim, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality products free from adulteration and harmful elements. We follow strict standards to ensure our coconuts are of the highest quality possible. Our coconuts have a wonderful aroma and taste and are packed in a way that ensures a long shelf life.

SRS Bharath Exim is proud to be the top fresh-husked coconut supplier in India, and we are constantly expanding our reach to new parts of the globe.

We Export,

South Indian Semi-Husked Coconut

Dry Edible Ball Copra

Half Cut Copra Carton Box

Half Cut Copra Jute Bag packing