Cavendish Banana Exporter India to Worldwide

Cavendish banana is increasing daily across the states and being exported worldwide. This is because people are starting to like it because of their taste and their structure. Hence, these cavendish bananas are being shipped worldwide as they are tastier and have more medical benefits.

This blog will be the right option to know how the Cavendish Bananas are being sold worldwide and are essential fruits for human beings, serving as a dessert and health benefits. Let’s delve in briefly about exporting the Cavendish banana worldwide.

India is one of the significant Cavendish Banana Exporting Countries

India is one of the leading banana exporters in the world, as the country lies in the tropical zone. So, the growth conditions of the bananas are well suitable in India. Hence, the bananas are grown with good nutrition and ripened with tastefulness.

Cavendish Banana

People coming to India have started to like the Cavendish bananas as they play a vital role here, such as being a dessert and medicinal value. So, these kinds of bananas are served widely in hospitals, especially for heart patients. In Indian traditional functions, the Cavendish bananas are served as dessert after serving the leading food. These are the reasons why people from overseas like the Cavendish Bananas.

Where are the bananas grown?

Bananas generally originated from most of the South Asian Countries. Nowadays, bananas are grown in countries, especially in South and Central America, India, the Philippines and China. The countries where bananas are growing are primarily in tropical conditions.

There are around 500 varieties of bananas available in the country. About 500 million people rely on bananas for cooking, medicinal conditions, and trade to support themselves and their families.

The Story of Cavendish Bananas

The Cavendish Bananas are one of the varieties of bananas widely used in desserts. These bananas are available in European Countries and Northern America. The average person consumes around 75-80 bananas per year. Green bananas or unripened fruits are widely used for preparing chips and can also be cooked and eaten as a supplement for food.

Health Benefits of the Cavendish Bananas

Bananas add to the taste in the diets and serve good nutrition such as vitamins, potassium, minerals, calcium, and carbohydrates. In addition to that, Cavendish bananas are used to aid in digestion.

The health benefits of bananas are they prevent the cramping of muscles as they are rich in potassium contents.

The Cavendish Bananas are widely used in hospitals to serve the patients. They are also used for curing dengue fever by increasing the platelet counts.

Since they are rich in potassium, they will regulate the blood pressure levels in our body. These Cavendish Bananas also aid in proper muscle function.

As the Cavendish Bananas are rich in Vitamin C, they will improve our body’s immunity and healthier skin.

People who are suffering from liver disorders are recommended to consume cavendish bananas, as they aid in increasing their appetite and improve the body’s stamina.

Hence, the Cavendish Bananas are used to add taste to foods and as a remedy for health.

What are the processes for exporting the bananas to other countries?

The first step for exporting bananas to various countries is to note down what countries have demands for bananas and what countries are rich in banana growth.

SRS Bharath Exim has a rich source of bananas, which are selectively chosen and sold locally and in various countries. We are exporting our Banana products to countries.

India ranks first in banana growth, which contributes around 25,000 tonnes of bananas across the world, followed by China and then Indonesia.

The steps followed for exporting the bananas

the employees and packed in the boxes.

These bananas are sent to the FSSAI to grant licenses for the food products. These are examined and then made to be passed. The bananas are examined under several tests. They are subjected to specific rules.

  • Free from rot
  • Getting rid of any external materials.
  • Free from external odours
  • Free from pests and harmful agents
  • Damage-free.

Needful documents to be exported with bananas

Before exporting the bananas, one must ensure the documents to export the bananas so that they can be exported from here legally. These documents are

  • Goods Related Documents involve Invoices
  • Packaging lists and legal Certificates
  • Paperwork for shipments
  • Documents for payments
  • Documents which are related to the quality

Final Thoughts

The Banana Exporting trades are increasing as the demand for cavendish bananas. People have started to like bananas as they are served in various avatars, from additives to medical purposes, and these are being liked by people worldwide. As a result, there are more possibilities for accessing the markets and generating currencies more and more agricultural products for producers.

SRS Bharath Exim is the leading cavendish bananas exporters for exporting the bananas to various countries of the world. With more years of experience, our trained employees choose and pack the bananas correctly without compromising the quality. Thus, we yield our Cavendish Bananas worldwide and build reliable relationships with the countries.


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