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SRS Bharath Exim takes pride in introducing you to the finest quality of sugandha basmati rice available in the market. As exporters, wholesalers and suppliers of sugandha basmati rice in India, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Sugandha is cultivated in Rajasthan, declared as a basmati variety under Seeds Act, 1966. It is a semi-dwarf variety (87-98 cm), which takes about 129-135 days to grow and yields 45-60 quintals/hectare.Best grown in irrigated areas, Mahi Sugandh Basmati is less susceptible to insects like stem borer, gall midge, moderately susceptible to brown spot, sheath rot, rice tungro virus, and bacterial leaf blight.

What is Sugandha Basmati Rice? 

Sugandha Basmati Rice is a premium variety of long-grain rice that is grown mainly in the northern regions of India. It is known for its distinct fragrance, rich flavor, and delicate texture, which make it a popular choice among rice lovers all over the world.


Sugandha Basmati Rice is characterized by its long, slender grains that are slightly tapered at the ends and have a pearly white color. 

 It is also highly nutritious and is a good source of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Sugandha Basmati Rice is known for its long, slender grains with a delightful aroma and a rich taste that can make any meal an exquisite dining experience. Our rice is carefully sourced from the best cultivators, who have been growing it for generations, and then processed with the latest technologies to ensure that every grain retains its natural flavor and nutrients.

We are one of India’s leading Sugandha Basmati Rice exporters and have been catering to clients worldwide. Our products are highly sought after due to their premium quality and consistency.

As a Sugandha Basmati Rice wholesaler in India, we offer our products in bulk quantities to retailers, distributors, and other wholesalers. Our well-established supply chain network ensures that our products reach every country with prompt and hassle-free delivery.

SRS Bharath Exim takes pride in being one of the most reliable Sugandha Basmati Rice suppliers in India, with a track record of providing superior quality products and excellent customer service. 

Crop year

One year old




33 KETT minimum

Average grain length

7.20-7.60 mm


100% clean

Discolor & Damage

0.5% max

Yellow grain


Foreign Matter





Naturally sweet (with most authentic Indian flavor)


12% max



Quality Available

Sugandha Basmati Rice

Black grain



Sea Transmit from Tuticorin, India to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia : 15 to 20 Days



Freight rate

USD 2250 to 2400 (avg)

The rice varieties available with us are

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Sugandha Basmati Rice Exporter

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Specifications of Sugandha Basmati Rice

Corp Year Current Year
Avg. Length 7.5MM
Moisture 12% Max
Broken 1% Max
Damage & Discolore 0.5% Max
White/Yellow Grain NIL
Black Grain NIL
Foreign Matter NIL

Payment Terms

100% Irrevocable confirm L/C at Sight

50% Advance and Balance 50% against fax/email copy of the B/L through T/T

Half Cut Copra Exporter


Sugandha Basmati Rice is a long-grain rice variety that is considered to be a hybrid of two other basmati rice varieties. It is characterized by its long grains, distinct aroma
Sugandha Rice is not considered to be a true basmati rice variety, but it is often marketed and sold as a basmati rice due to its similarity in appearance and flavor.
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