Barbeque Matches / Long Stick Matches

Long Stick Matches Exporter in India

Barbeque Matches / Long Stick Matches

Barbeque safety matches or Long stick matches are used as promotional and in hotels to light barbeque, stoves and grills. They are longer in size, wax coated, and polished for a steady flame transfer. As a leading Barbeque match or Long stick exporters of the matchbox, we provide private labelling. Matchboxes will be manufactured as per the size, brand & any other specifications provided by the buyer. 

We are a leading safety matches manufacturers, Supplier and Exporters in India. We export & supply BBQ Matches to hotels across the domestic and international markets. Our long stick matches are safe to use, handy and made from quality-tested raw materials. Moreover, these extra-long wooden matches burn quickly. 

As a well-established organization, we offer our clients an exceptional variety of Barbeque Matches. As a result, our valuable clients glorify our offered matches, which can be satisfied in different packaging options.

Sizes We Offer

Long Stick Matches Exporter in India


  • 110 x 65 x 20 mm
  • 110 x 110 x 30 mm
(Can do any size of box)
Long Stick Matches Exporter in India


96mm 45 to 60 Avg
96mm 125 Avg

(Can make any splint size)

Long Stick Matches Exporter in India


Imported Belgium poplar splints

Long Stick Matches Exporter in India


20 / 30 / 40
(Can be customized)


Sea Transmit from Tuticorin, India to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia : 15 to 20 Days



Freight rate

USD 2250 to 2400 (avg)

Specifications of Barbeque Matches / Long Stick Matches

Stick size 95 mm
Stick quantity 10 – 50 average
Print of the box 4 colour printing up to ‘8’ colour painting can be provided.
Price The price calculated for one carton box
Outer box 290gsm
Stick material white wooden splints
Brand Name Buyer’s Choice
Side Friction Dotted/ or Honey cut
Head color Brown, Red, Blue, Green
Inner box 300gsm

Payment Terms

40% Advance, 60% against BL Scan Copy 


100% Irrevocable LC at sight from any International standardized bank

Half Cut Copra Exporter


Barbecue matches are long matches that are specifically designed for lighting barbecues. They are often made of extra-sturdy materials to make them easier to handle and to keep users’ hands safely away from the flames.
Barbecue matches are usually made from softwood trees such as pine, aspen, or poplar, which are easier to ignite and burn quickly, allowing for a fast and efficient lighting of charcoal or wood
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