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8 Things Which can be Extracted from Coconut

Do you consume coconut every day?

If yes, you are in the right blog to know about coconuts. The extracts from the coconuts are available in various products. If you are curious about what are the derivatives of the coconut and how these are more beneficial in multiple aspects, this blog will be helpful to know what are the things extracted from the coconuts.

Useful things extracted from coconuts

The coconuts are used as additives to diets, making chutneys for food purposes. The oil extracted from the coconuts is applied to the body and hair, used as lubricants for smaller machines, their stalks are used as house additives, and more uses are utilized in every aspect.

So, let’s know how coconuts play a significant and vital role and how they are served in all aspects of human life, from food to commercial purposes.

According to the statistics, coconut trees contribute 87% of Tamilnadu and Kerala. These have secured the top position by having two-thirds of coconut groves being cultivated across the country. It is because coconuts have more benefits in all human life needs and uses.

Tamil Nadu holds a proper share in the country’s coconut production, averaging around 31%. Around 4.46 lakh hectares of land are dedicated to coconut cultivation. With an annual yield of 7 billion coconuts, Tamil Nadu contributed coconut production of 3700 tonnes, resulting in a market share of 27.47%.

As the demand for the coconut is increasing for domestic sales and exporting, the coconut exporter price in India is becoming higher. Hence, this will add to the value of coconut exports in the country.
Source: ETV Bharat ,

Coconut Water

Tender coconuts are nothing but water from the coconut, which is good in fibre and a healthier diet. It is a germ-free, nutritious and thirst-quenching health drink. It also has more therapeutic properties.

These tender coconuts are also used for increasing the electrolytes in the body, as these electrolytes will be lost due to sweating. They also serve as antioxidants and used for regulating the fat content

The coco peats are available in various forms, such as coir chips, coir discs, coco peat blocks, coco peat bags, etc. They can be bought according to the needs and requirements of the people and how the plants are being grown.

Most of the seats in railway and cars are created with high-quality fibres extracted from the coconut, and in manufacturing, the brushes perform the best among any other brushes.

Coconut oils

Coconuts are extracted, and they are used to prepare oils. This oil is used for applying it to the hair and the body. Coconut oil is devoid of dandruff in the hair, and consuming coconut oils will aid in reducing body weight and reducing hunger.

Another interesting fact about coconut oil is that it blocks us from Ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays and is used to get rid of stains and spills on carpets and furniture.

Coconut oil can boost the level of antioxidants in the body, which will play an essential role in our skin’s natural regenerating and repairing process.

Coconut cream

Coconut cream is extracted from the coconuts. They are one of the ready-to-use products which can be used directly or mixed with the water. They are used in household products as ingredients for the processing of foods and additives.

It is unsweetened and low in carbs, so they are used for vegan desserts. Adding coconut cream to the dessert will boost the potassium in the body.

Coco chips

The coconut chips are the coconut’s derivatives, made into flakes. These kinds of chips include lauric acid, iron, magnesium and calcium.

These coconut chips are perfect for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level regulation. This chips will help to boost energy levels and increase metabolism in the body.

Coconut jaggery

Coconut jaggeries are extracted from the coconut meats used as additives for sweets and smoothies. They act as sweetening agents and serve as healthy additives to our body, such as aiding digestion and cleaning our body inside.

The coconut jaggery powder serves as a detox agent, which will help to cleanse the liver by sending out the unpleasant toxins. They also aid in proper digestion of the body without any ailments.

Coconut scrubs

The coconut scrubs are extracted from the husks of the coconuts. Due to their coarse nature, these scrubs are used for dishwashing, washing the pans and the kitchen utensils. Also, these scrubs are used to clean our body, especially the feet and elbows. These scrubs will help remove the tanned skin


Copra is one of the derivatives of the coconut, which is the dried coconut meat. It is meant to be dried in the ovens at 80 degrees Celsius. The copra is used as a feed ingredient for animals, which is a primary source of fibre, energy and protein.

Copra is also beneficial for heart health. Studies have proven that consuming copra will increase the good cholesterol, remove the bad cholesterol in the body, and provide weight loss

Final Wrap

Hopefully, this article clarifies the things extracted from the coconuts and how the entire coconut trees are helpful in various aspects, from food to medical purposes.

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