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Merchant exporters are the solution for your needs and demands.

Exporting and importing becomes an essential thing in everyone’s lives. Some goods are obtained in some countries but need to be supplied to all over the parts of the world. So, this requires a medium. Merchant exporters fulfil these needs.

By exporting the goods from your side to the neighbouring countries, you can bridge the gap and build a friendly relationship by exchanging the unique goods from the respective countries.

Before seeking them, let’s know what merchant exporting is, their roles, how they contribute to the clients, and how they manage the relationship between the two countries.

Who are Merchant Exporters?

Merchant exporters are traders. They have separate agencies for importing and exporting by sourcing the products and goods from other factories and industries, rather than without having their industrial units.

They work just as a manufacturing exporter works; the only thing is that they do not manufacture the goods from their industries. Instead, these exporters identify suppliers who manufacture the goods and then sell them to potential overseas buyers.

They first look for buyers by adopting various marketing methods through social media, websites like email and the web, and developing an informative website. Through these efforts, the merchant exporter will look for leads and sell the respective products.

Once the order is received through social media sites, the merchant exporter asks the supplier to supply the necessary quantity of goods, which then the exporter ships to the client. The goods will have the name of the merchant exporter but not the original supplier.

We, SRS Bharath Exim, are a Professional and dedicated Merchant Export House that delivers good quality products for trusted customers worldwide. We focus on non-compromising quality, safety and deliverability on time; that’s why we are one of India’s leading Merchant exporters.

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Here are the Guides on developing the Marketing Strategy for Merchant Exporters?

For merchant exporters, one should know about the products and consumer goods mostly searched on websites. Before that, these products and goods are to be categorized accordingly. Then, they should approach the companies which manufacture and prepare the goods.

After that, those goods must be supplied to those exporters in the various parts of the countries and continents. And the most important thing is the customer countries, and the agency should have proper communication and better relationship.

SRS Bharat Exim has proper communication skilled professionals so that they will act as a bridge from us to the client countries.

6 Crucial Marketing Tips for Merchant Exporters

Everyone has skills in Marketing and communication. But some will be suitable for experts. But some people are also willing but need to learn how to start this business. Here are the tips useful for budding merchant exporters starting from scratch

  • Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan - SRS Bharath Exim

To start the exporting business, It is essential to construct a well-detailed export marketing plan, based on market research, for each of the exporter’s overseas markets. Their export marketing plan should consider their chosen approach to the market and the methods for logistics, order fulfilment, customer service and supplier management.

Investment is the essential thing that makes or destroys the merchant exporting. Hence, proper investment is required in which the exporters decide where they must invest how much money.

The investment should be spread across all the required areas of the business. Supplier finding, buyer finding, documentation, stocking up, and shipping all must be considered while deciding upon the price of the export product.

  • Accessing the Capital

Perhaps most importantly, the merchant exporters need access to capital since this is the agency starting from scratch. Startup prices will vary either too high or too low, depending on the import/export business type.

Get the basics in order. This means registering the business with the state where the sector is and registering a name, getting any business licenses exporters need to operate legally, and so on.
They need a business plan also, so it needs to explain the regulations of the markets to work in.

  • Understand the Products

Study the product you are about to export with features of the products, its technical specification, the usage of the products, and categorize the use, the needs and demands etc., and learn the customers and analyze what they want before organizing the products.

Build a strong and sound relationship with the higher officials of the respective manufacturers so that this relationship will bring trust between the Exporters and manufacturers.

Quality is the most critical parameter in international trade. So always ensure the quality of goods exported, and strictly adhere to international quality measures.

  • Backups

For the safer side, keep backups. Like, rely on more than just one supplier. Collect information about suppliers in a similar field to maintain the consistency of the business and reduce dependency. If any situations or circumstances cannot supply to the exporters but are in a critical case, you can ask for other alternatives.

  • Keep Everything Updated

Merchant exporters should keep up-to-date about prices of the products worldwide and changes in demand and supply. In addition, they should know about the currency exchange and portfolios of the respective suppliers and clients.

Work out an exact flow chart and maintain an efficient supply chain system to make timely delivery possible. Make the proper tracking of the respective product to the delivery countries. Keep updating the tracking.

  • Critical Decisions

One of the critical decisions you will make when exporting is choosing which markets to target. Trying to ship to several different countries can be very expensive. Instead, it’s usually best to focus on selling to one or two markets.

Being a part of the exporter’s promotion, they may want to communicate directly with customers in the export market. The exporters’ choice will be defined by their budget and how effectively each method will reach the customers in their chosen market.

An essential criterion is considering the market condition and deciding on the best pricing strategy. Some of the things you should look out for are to be thorough with the terms and conditions and that they understand the cost components correctly. Also, ensure that the exporters don’t need to adhere to one particular pricing model strictly and should always try to be flexible as marketing is dynamic.

The Merchant exporting sector is experiencing growth as it has never before seen. How people shop, where they shop, the items they buy, and how much they spend are changing according to time and trends. Hence this is making it complicated for the companies to move forward. But those who adapt faster will be the most successful in adapting to the changes, which means that when there is progress in the export trade and merchandise.

Problems and risks faced by the Merchant Exporters

Suppose the exporters don’t know the exchange rates when trading internationally. In that case, they are exposed to potential currency fluctuations and are restricted when planning or trying to get the best price. Hence, they have to keep each and everything updated. And also, fraudulent things may happen.

For the exporters in India, the competition in the global export market will be a heavy burden. There is competition in everything, such as quality, production cost, price, sales, and reviews. Above that, the competition also expands to domestic, local, and existing international exporters. So, the solution to face is to have more confidence, communication skills and contacts with the client sectors.

There is an extensive checklist and records of necessary documents you need to export. These documents should all be prepared in advance. You need to complete even one of them during your process to ensure those exports are successful. Some small but necessary documents can often be forgotten, causing a significant issue and heavy loss. This is for the safer side also.

Language barriers can also be one of the significant burdens faced by exporters, especially in India. These burdens can be resolved with an expert in the industry.

When you export products and goods to various countries, you should also take steps to consider the precautions of currency exchange every day. Since it is dynamic, there will be more fluctuations. It would help if you also considered when and how to make or receive payments.

The goods being exported should have insurance coverage from the beginning of the export until the delivery to the destination is reached. In some cases, you will absorb the cost of shelter; in others, the price is passed on to the destination countries.

Another type of risk factor from the exporting merchants is Political risk. This involves the investors, firms, and organizations, who will either lose money or make less money because of political decisions, conditions, or events occurring in the country.

Closure Thoughts

From this article above, we all know and be aware of export and import merchandise. SRS Bharat Exim fulfils all your demands and does the proper good-quality exports, and the goods will arrive on time.

With our hands-on approach, we lead our well-trained team to handle clients professionally to ensure their appreciation as much as we do.

And also, we will build and maintain solid and reliable relationships with suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers and channels.

This is why SRS Bharat Exim is one of the best leading Merchant exporters in the country.

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